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United States
  Advanced Grain Marketing, Iowa State University
A course offered by the Agricultural Management E-School (AMES) that should result in a better understanding of market fundamentals, supply and demand balance sheets, risk management tools and market outlook information.
  AGRI-associates, Inc.
Specialists in the recruiting of qualified candidates for the agriculture and food related industries across the United States and internationally. Also provide personnell consulting services to the industry.
  Grain Science and Industry, K-State Department of
Unique program of its kind distinguished worldwide. Companies from all over come to our campus for research and training support in baking, milling, and feed production, as well as for hiring graduates.
  North Dakota Small Grains Page
Lists articles, news updates, links, and production resources related to small grains.
  North Dakota State University Cereal Science Program
Provide academic programs that advance the understanding and utilization of cereal grains and other foods produced in the Northern Great Plains.
  Story of Wheat for Kids : Grades 3 to 5
Written for children aged 8-10, this story describes how wheat is grown, harvested and processed. It also tells about the foods made from flour, their nutritional value and importance in having a balanced diet. The last few pages have quizzes on the information presented earlier, and some word games.
  US Department of Agriculture Careers
Lists all jobs available in the agency or a department of the agency.
  USDA Agricultural Research Service Careers
Lists current job openings within the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Jobs are for professional, technical, administrative and clerical staff in various occupational areas.
  USDA Education & Outreach
USDA Education & Outreach page provides information on the Land Grant University System, careers & jobs, agriculture library, internships & scholarships, and more..
  Wheat Quality Workshops
The workshops provide one-day hands-on learning about wheat quality. Two workshops are sponsored each year, on in Aberdeen, Idaho and the second is hosted in Pullman, Washington. Each workshop has the following 4 sessions: Milling; Wheat, Flour and Dough Testing; Baking; and, Research.
  Correspondence Courses
Information on the 7 modular courses run by nabim, the trade association for the UK flour milling trade, to provide millers with an essential understanding and underpinning knowledge of the milling industry. The courses are studied by hundreds of students around the world and lead to the nabim Advanced Certificate in Flour Milling.
  Courses & Workshops, International Association of Operative Millers
IAOM offers courses and workshops including Correspondence Course in Flour Milling, Milling Maintenance Short Course I & II, Introduction to Flour Milling Course, Advanced Flour Milling Course, and Durum Wheat Milling Course.
  International Grains Program, Kansas State University
Designed to educate foreign business leaders and government officials about U.S. grains and oilseeds through technical-training and assistance programs in storage and handling, milling, marketing and processing. Courses include Feed Manufacturing.
  Introduction to Flour Milling
A virtual lecture (slideshow using Adobe Flash 10) that provides a basic introduction to the processes and machines involved in flour milling.
  Milling School Database
A listing of international milling schools that train milling leaders from almost every country on the globe. These milling schools, then, have unique opportunities to educate millers from the most needy countries about the benefits and technical challenges of flour fortification.
  Wheat Marketing Center
A private, non-profit corporation that is a bridge between U.S. wheat farmers and wheat consumers worldwide. WMC partners with all segments of the wheat industry including North American Export Grain Association, U.S.Wheat Associates, farmers, wheat exporters, wheat organizations, and domestic and international wheat and flour processors, and strives for continuous impact by dynamic responsiveness to market fluctuations. WMC has technical expertise in wheat and flour testing and finished product attributes that is used by wheat processors in many countries in Asia, Latin America, North America, and Europe.
Other National
  Education & Training, BRI Research
Lists the highly specialised training programmes offered to all sectors of the grain food industry, including growers, handlers and marketers, processors, manufacturers and distributors. Courses may be delivered on site, via distance education, or at our fully equipped training and education facility at North Ryde Sydney.
  Grain Chain
The Grain Chain programme is a collaboration of the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA), Federation of Bakers (FoB) and Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB). An educational site that explores the grain chain: how grains are grown and harvested, what happens to them before they reach your plate, and why they're so good for you! Broken into 4 age categories (5-7, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16) this site presents information, videos, quizzes and activities that investigate healthy eating and meal planning, or go behind the scenes of the flour, grain and baking industry. A section for teachers includes lesson plans activity sheets and support materials.
  Training - Grain Quality & Processing
A two day Australian course designed to provide participants with a better understanding of what happens to grain along each step of the food chain, once the grain leaves the farm. This course targets the needs of growers, grain buyers, millers, food manufacturers, marketers, sales and distribution personnel within the grains and allied industries.
  Training - Milling for Non Millers
A three day Australian course designed for milling and allied industries management, accounting, sales, marketing and administrative personnel. The program encompasses grain and flour quality.


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