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The largest food and beverage industry specific job board on the internet. Posts current food and beverage manufacturing jobs from hundreds of the industry's top companies and recruiters. There is no cost to use this site, but job seekers must register and post a profile to receive full access to the job notification tools.
  Food Business News in partnership with have created an online job board specific to the world food and beverage manufacturing industry. Includes tools, information and relevant products for job seekers, recruiters, and employers.
  Grain Science and Industry, K-State Department of
Unique program of its kind distinguished worldwide. Companies from all over come to our campus for research and training support in baking, milling, and feed production, as well as for hiring graduates.
  North Dakota State University Cereal Science Program
Provide academic programs that advance the understanding and utilization of cereal grains and other foods produced in the Northern Great Plains.
  US Department of Agriculture Careers
Lists all jobs available in the agency or a department of the agency.
  USDA Agricultural Research Service Careers
Lists current job openings within the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Jobs are for professional, technical, administrative and clerical staff in various occupational areas.
  USDA Education & Outreach
USDA Education & Outreach page provides information on the Land Grant University System, careers & jobs, agriculture library, internships & scholarships, and more..
  Wheat Mania
An educational site provided by the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers. Information, teacher resources and activities about all aspects of wheat -- planting, growing, harvesting and using are included.
  AGRI-associates, Inc.
Specialists in the recruiting of qualified candidates for the agriculture and food related industries across the United States and internationally. Also provide personnell consulting services to the industry.
  Extrusion Cooking for Snack Food Production
A virtual lecture (slideshow of 31 slides) using Adobe Flash 10 that covers the process known as extrusion. The lecture presents information on the types of products produced, the processes used, and machinery used.
Other National
  Flour and Grain Education Programme
A site developed in response to the British Government's concern about children's eating habits and addresses the Department for Education and Skills' (DfES) call for improved nutrition education and suitable resource materials. The site allows you to explore the grain chain from field to plate. It provides online games and activities for children from 3 years upwards and a host of really useful teaching information for primary and secondary schools.
  Grain Chain
The Grain Chain programme is a collaboration of the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA), Federation of Bakers (FoB) and Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB). An educational site that explores the grain chain: how grains are grown and harvested, what happens to them before they reach your plate, and why they're so good for you! Broken into 4 age categories (5-7, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16) this site presents information, videos, quizzes and activities that investigate healthy eating and meal planning, or go behind the scenes of the flour, grain and baking industry. A section for teachers includes lesson plans activity sheets and support materials.
  Training - Grain Quality & Processing
A two day Australian course designed to provide participants with a better understanding of what happens to grain along each step of the food chain, once the grain leaves the farm. This course targets the needs of growers, grain buyers, millers, food manufacturers, marketers, sales and distribution personnel within the grains and allied industries.

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