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  AIB International Resident Courses
Resident courses are designed to prepare highly motivated individuals for leadership positions in the baking or allied industries.
  Bakery Science and Management Undergraduate Program
Four-year Bachelor of Science program offered at Kansas State University Department of Grain Science & Industry.
  Baking and Pastry Arts Degree Program
Offers Bachelor's and Associate Degree Programs in the fundamentals of the baking and pastry arts. Both programs include an 18 week externship at one of more than 300 CIA-approved establishments around the world.
  BEMA Scholarship Programs
Scholarships for those entering and currently employed in the baking industry. Awards will be given for educational courses, programs, seminars and workshops sponsored in the United States for the benefit of the baking industry.
  Breads of the Harvest
This three-unit curriculum for 3rd-4th grades integrates science, language arts, and math concepts in a study of the role of breads in shaping the history of the United States since the Pilgrims.Among the activities: * demonstrating the difficulty of grinding grains into flour * comparing the properties of different leavening agents * analyzing dietary needs * testing and tasting various bread recipes The teacher manual includes lesson plans, camera-ready student handouts, and information on additional resources. Select "About the Curriculum" to get information on how to purchase a copy of this program.
  Career Planning Guide: Baking: Professional pastries and specialty cakes
Prepares students for employment in independent, specialty bakeries and professional cake decorating environments. The certificate provides practical and theoretical training in personal hygiene in the baking industry, baking machinery usage, and production training in the baking of artisan breads and pastries. Students learn decorating, including proper piping procedures, tube usage, flower creation and decoration, color mixing and design principles.
The largest food and beverage industry specific job board on the internet. Posts current food and beverage manufacturing jobs from hundreds of the industry's top companies and recruiters. There is no cost to use this site, but job seekers must register and post a profile to receive full access to the job notification tools.
  Commercial Baking
This program prepares bakery students to understand the composition of elements in baking. The curriculum covers techniques of baking without dairy, alternatives to wheat flour, upgrading to un-refined sugars,k learning to desing products, sales and marketing, and managing a bakery. Located in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
  Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Course (Second Edition)
The ONLY self-study baking course designed to provide knowledge on the fundamentals of the cookie and cracker manufacturing process for the baking industry. A 2 year program. For members only.
  Food Business News in partnership with have created an online job board specific to the world food and beverage manufacturing industry. Includes tools, information and relevant products for job seekers, recruiters, and employers.
  GEAPS > Distance Learning Program
GEAPS and Kansas State University produce top-quality "distance-learning" courses designed specifically for professionals in grain operations and related fields. The course schedule as well as descriptions of the courses are available from these pages.
  Grain Science and Industry, K-State Department of
Unique program of its kind distinguished worldwide. Companies from all over come to our campus for research and training support in baking, milling, and feed production, as well as for hiring graduates.
  Laboratory Training Programs
Two programs offered by the California Wheat Commission for technicians beginning their work in wheat quality evaluation. The first course is titled "Experimental Milling, Baking and Quality Control Training Course". The second course is titled "Durum Wheat Quality Control Training Program". Both courses are available in either English or Chinese
  Retail Bakers of America Certification Program
RBA certification raises the professional standards & verifies the knowledge, skills & abilities professional bakers bring to the marketplace. Certification also improves job opportunities & income for certified bakers & decorators. The page provides information on certification programs as well as links to the qualifications & criteria for each program. A listing of course fees is available as well as a link to application forms.
  Story of Wheat for Kids : Grades 3 to 5
Written for children aged 8-10, this story describes how wheat is grown, harvested and processed. It also tells about the foods made from flour, their nutritional value and importance in having a balanced diet. The last few pages have quizzes on the information presented earlier, and some word games.
  US Department of Agriculture Careers
Lists all jobs available in the agency or a department of the agency.
  USDA Agricultural Research Service Careers
Lists current job openings within the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Jobs are for professional, technical, administrative and clerical staff in various occupational areas.
  USDA Education & Outreach
USDA Education & Outreach page provides information on the Land Grant University System, careers & jobs, agriculture library, internships & scholarships, and more..
  Wheat Mania
An educational site provided by the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers. Information, teacher resources and activities about all aspects of wheat -- planting, growing, harvesting and using are included.
  Wheat Quality Workshops
The workshops provide one-day hands-on learning about wheat quality. Two workshops are sponsored each year, on in Aberdeen, Idaho and the second is hosted in Pullman, Washington. Each workshop has the following 4 sessions: Milling; Wheat, Flour and Dough Testing; Baking; and, Research.
  AGRI-associates, Inc.
Specialists in the recruiting of qualified candidates for the agriculture and food related industries across the United States and internationally. Also provide personnell consulting services to the industry.
  AIB International Correspondence Courses
Correspondence courses are among the more convenient ways to improve your technical knowledge and increase your chances for career success. These courses can be completed at home or even on the job if your company allows. No travel is necessary, and there are no fixed starting dates. Students can enroll in AIB correspondence courses at any time.
  AIB International Online Courses
Lists online courses on Baking, Food Safety and Defense, and Maintenance Engineering available from AIB. There are no fixed dates for enrollment and you have 60 days to complete the course.
A site developed in the Netherlands for bakers in developing countries. Basic information on baking plants and equipment and on management of a bakery are available as downloadable Microsoft Word documents. Although the majority of the site is in English the Communication and News section is in Dutch.
  Bakery Science and Management Undergraduate Program
Four-year Bachelor of Science program offered at Kansas State University Department of Grain Science & Industry.
  Education & Training, BRI Research
Lists the highly specialised training programmes offered to all sectors of the grain food industry, including growers, handlers and marketers, processors, manufacturers and distributors. Courses may be delivered on site, via distance education, or at our fully equipped training and education facility at North Ryde Sydney.
  Flour Milling Technology Certificate Course
A one year course of the International School of Milling Technology, Central Food Technological Research Institute. The course is offered each year to serve the needs of the flour milling industry in India and other developing countries. The site lists the qualifications/experience for admission, cost of the course, and a downloadable application form.
  IDDBA Bakery Department Training
Lists training programs, including educational CD-ROM programs and free downloads, on food safety, customer service, product knowledge, food demonstrations, sampling programs etc.
  IDDBA Food Safety Certification Reimbursement Information
To promote food safety certification for members, the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) has developed the Food Safety Certification Reimbursement Program. This program will reimburse IDDBA retail members for their cost for food safety certification exams. Eligible employees are supermarket dairy, deli, and bakery managers and associates at store-level who successfully complete a certification exam. The page lists eligibility requirements for the program and for employees, application deadlines, reimbursement information, and a link to an online application form
  IDDBA Grants-in-Kind Program
In addition to scholarships to college/vocational/technical school students, IDDBA offers at NO CHARGE to qualified educators video programs for classroom use. Provides a description of the programs as well as a link to an online order form.
  IDDBA Undergraduate/Graduate Scholarships
To support employees of member companies, IDDBA offers academic scholarships to high school seniors & current or returning college or vocational/technical school students. The page includes application deadlines, requirements for students and links to current list of IDDBA members and online application form.
  International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association Job Openings
Lists job openings for 90 days unless notified that the position has been filled.
  National Bakery School, London South Bank University
Offers full- and part-time courses to prepare students for careers in the baking industry. Founded in 1894, the National Bakery School is now the oldest bakery school in the world.
  Science of Baking
A correspondence course emphasizing the "whys" of the baking process and providing a thorough understanding of ingredient formulations and interactions. It will help you deal with the many variables and unexpected problems that occur during production.
Other National
This one year Canadian certificate program provides practical training with supporting theory to enable the successful students to find and maintain employment as a baker's helper or to become bakers in small bakeries, hotels, restaurants or other such establishments. It is also the intent to familiarize the student with the opportunities and working conditions in the baking industry. The program consists of lectures and demonstrations combined with practical experience in an operational kitchen and dining area. Slides, video cassettes, and 16 mm films, will also constitute a major part of classroom instruction.
  Bakers Dozen
Designed to meet the needs of bakers working in a "hands on" environment, either a small or semi - automated factory situation, it is also suitable for bakers who have not had any previous formal training and for bakers whose skills and knowledge require updating. The course covers the more basic, but often overlooked aspects of practical baking which are essential for the consistent production of high quality bread.
  Baking Excellence
A consortium of interests from the baking industry in England and Wales that have come together to provide a one-stop-shop for information and access to development opportunities for people in the baking industry.
  Baking for Non Bakers
Designed for personnel involved in management, marketing, sales and other key areas within the baking and allied industries who need to understand the fundamentals of bread production in Australia. The 3-day course provides participants with an improved understanding of the theory and practice as well as the terms used in the production of bread.
  Grain Chain
The Grain Chain programme is a collaboration of the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA), Federation of Bakers (FoB) and Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB). An educational site that explores the grain chain: how grains are grown and harvested, what happens to them before they reach your plate, and why they're so good for you! Broken into 4 age categories (5-7, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16) this site presents information, videos, quizzes and activities that investigate healthy eating and meal planning, or go behind the scenes of the flour, grain and baking industry. A section for teachers includes lesson plans activity sheets and support materials.
  Manukau Institute of Technology, School of Baking and Patisserie
This New Zealand programme includes practical and theoretical sessions on a wide range of subjects. Unit standards that are part of the National Certificate in Food Production Craft Baking (Levels 2, 3 and 4) are assessed during the programme. On successful completion of this programme students will receive the National Certificate in Food Production Baking, Level 2.
  Professional Baking
A one-year Canadian certificate program with a September entry date. The program is designed to develop the skills required for employment in entry-level baking/pastry positions within a wide variety of establishments through classroom instruction, practical lab training, and off-campus work experience. Students will acquire knowledge and develop skills related to the production of breads, rolls, sweet dough, plain and sweet pastry, Danish and puff pastry, cookies, shortbreads, cakes, and desserts. The training will also include sanitation and safe equipment usage and inspection, and basic bakery management with software. The use of laptop computers is an integral part of the Professional Baking program.
  Shelf Life of Baked Products
A one-day Australian course divided into two sections. The first section on staling covers why staling occurs, how staling can be measured and the control of staling. The second part of the course examines the use of ingredients and packaging to extend shelf life. The formulation and production process all contribute to the water activity of the final product. Careful control of water activity can be used to achieve the desired shelf life outcomes.


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